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accessing libcurl from Tcl

We can take advantage of libcurl straight from within our Tcl programs. All you need to do is to install the TclCurl package and then you'll be able to use it.

"once you get past the badly written configure/make for the package [TclCurl], it's so darn sweet it'll give you toothache." (Phil Ehrens)

Visit the TclCurl homepage.

How to Install
Install curl and libcurl first, then follow the usual sequence:

  make install
To test the installation do:
    % package require TclCurl

If Tcl returns TclCurl's version number, all went well.


There are a couple of ways to perform a transfer with TclCurl, for simple cases you can do:

    curl::transfer -file index.html -url

There are more examples on the TclCurl site.

Binding documentation
Available at TclCurl's home page.

The Tcl binding is written and maintained by Andrés García.

What is Tcl?
You can find more info on the semiofficial Tcl web page.

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