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cURL > libcurl > libcurl Object-Pascal binding

OP-Curl -- accessing libcurl from Object-Pascal

OP-Curl is a simple Object Pascal wrapper for Curl released under MPL. OP-Curl can be compiled by Free Pascal compiler and Borland compilers. It has been tested under Windows and Linux.

Also, check out Jeffrey Pohlmeyer's Pascal binding.

The OP-curl site at seems to have vanished (June 2007).

OP-Curl has been developped in order to add network capabilities to Sablopas, an OP wrapper for Sablotron. By using both sofware you're able to perform XSLT transformations upon documents coming from all over the web.



How to Install
Check out the OP-Curl web page

Check out the OP-Curl web page

Binding documentation
Check out the OP-Curl web page

Check out the OP-Curl web page

Written by Christophe Espern.

What is Pascal?
You'll find more info Free Pascal here:

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