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cURL > libcurl > libcurl O´Caml Binding

accessing libcurl from O´Caml

O'Caml bindings to libcurl. The library provides an interface to the curl_easy functions (the multi functions are not supported at this point in time).
The sources are available at

How to Install
The following steps will create a subdirectory, curl, in the standard O'Caml library directory and install the necessary files there.

  > tar xfz ocurl-0.1.tar.gz
  > cd curl
  > ./configure
  > make
  > make install
When compiling a code that makes use of the ocurl library "-I +curl" should be given (see the sample compilation below).


  let _ =
    let connection = Curl.init () in
      Curl.setopt connection (Curl.CURLOPT_URL Sys.argv.(1));
      Curl.perform connection
  > ocamlc -I +curl curl.cma -o simple

Binding documentation
Currently there is no documentation. The Curl.setopt function follows the C API closely, so until proper documentation is available I recommend looking at curl.mli in combination with the manual/html page for curl_easy_setopt().

The current version is 0.1. Since this is the very first release there may be bugs waiting to be discovered by YOU. Feedback is gratefully accepted. :)
SourceForge location:

Written by Lars Nilsson

What is O'Caml?
O'Caml is a strongly typed, functional programming language, and combines type-safety with speed.

You'll find more info O'Caml here:

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