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Notes About Libwww compared to libcurl

These are only some quick notes. If you have additional experiencies and comments you want to share with the world, we're all ears!

  • libcurl is (far) more portable
  • libcurl is supported and has a living community (compare traffic on the mailing lists, release frequency or similar)
  • programs need less code to transfer files using libcurl than a libwww- based equivalent
  • libcurl is thread-safe, libwww is not
  • libcurl has a different feature-set and offers several features not present in libwww, like several HTTP authentication types and gzip support
  • libcurl supports more protocols
  • libwww offers caching and HTML parsing, which libcurl doesn't

Quote from a usenet posting by Carl Daniel:

Having used both, I'd recommend libcurl and definitely not libwww.

libcurl is easy to use and gives good performance. libwww is a nightmare to use, performs poorly (no overlapped I/O support, for example), and is practically undocumented (on top of which it's a very complex library). libwww is really a platform for network protocol development, not a library for basic access to well known network protocol stacks.

Quote from the libwww-mailing list by Akritidis Xristoforos:

I devoted a full man-month trying to understand libwww, writing a function of intermediate complexity (supporting post requests, xml parsing, authentication etc.) and figuring out that the problems I encountered were due to libwww and not my code.

I switched to libcurl, rewrote the same code in a week and haven't looked back.

Perhaps this library has some features that libcurl doesn't, though I didn't have to use them for my needs. However, for libwww to survive, someone has to focus on these features and let libcurl do the rest.

Personally, I can't find any reason to suggest libwww to anyone.

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